The instructors who knew the key points of learning English will support you one step ahead of what you are aiming for.

Why do not you experience the lesson by Filipino lecturer overflowing such passion?

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Characteristics of DokoTera English School

Reasonable tuition fee

  • Various courses tailored to the lifestyle are prepared
  • Payment by PayPal or convenience store (7-11, Lawson, FamilyMart, Seicomart, Circle K, Sunkus, Ministop. Buy only on demand. Only in Japan.) or by Apple Pay
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If~I would/could~(仮定法過去形) 2018-06-15
If~I will~(仮定法現在形) 2018-06-12
I prefer~to~ 、I'd rather~than~/私は~より~の方を好む 2018-06-07
*海外で歯医者さんを予約しよう* 2018-06-04
ドライブ中に使える英語〜第2弾 2018-05-31

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