Characteristics of DokoTera English School

Reasonable tuition fee

Two pricing options to choose from according to lifestyle

There is a monthly system and point system on payment.
★ The monthly school system is a plan that can be taken many times. There are restrictions on the hours and days of the week that can be taken depending on the plan. The teacher will assign it to the school.
★ The point system is a mechanism to purchase points valid for a certain period (1 point = 1 lesson). It is the optimal plan for those who want to schedule themselves, such as intensively only on weekends. You can choose a teacher.
 A combination of point system and fixed amount system is also possible. For details, refer to the tuition fee page.

High level and friendly teachers

Philippines is the third largest English population, English is one of the official languages. Intelligent with a college / graduate degree degree and special education as well as a bright and friendly lecturer promises a fun lesson.

Customized private lessons

All the lessons are on a one-to-one basis, so students can customize lessons at their own level / field. The benefit of a private lesson is that the amount of talking is much more than group lessons without worrying about other students. You can choose your own teaching materials without having to worry about saying that the level does not match with other students. It is a special lesson for one student.

A wide range of teaching materials including grammar, TOEIC, novels, children's

Recommended materials such as books and web pages are available in abundance. Please refer to the teaching material page for details. Even teaching materials not described on the page will correspond individually to the extent possible, so you can also specify side leaders etc. used in high school, for example. We will respond to requests in Japanese (please consult the secretariat).

Free trial

After logging in, please send an image of "address" such as a postcard or Takkyubin's slip to the secretariat from the inquiry form. I gave you 2 points. It is necessary to be able to confirm arrival date or postmark date from the image. Please prepare things within 3 months.

If you have an introduction from an existing member, I will give you 2 points free of charge as well. So once you log in, I think that you can contact the secretariat with the name / email address or ID of the existing member.

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