More Yen, More Surgeries

My life has changed in more ways than one. As 2009 promises countless busy days I have been trying to ride well my balance beam. Family calls, friends meetings, career's demand and self relaxation. The later is synonymous to watching Korean dramas of course only to my own definition. I am always in awe with those actresses, how well they rendered their lines ( it seems here I understand the language), how they carry themselves with those clothes that maybe a hundred times heavier than mine and most of all how in the world exist those faces so perfect.

Let's admit that it's common to see Korean actress with a perfect face, well shaped face and well proportioned body. Their angelic faces are made more fabulous with the advancement of Science and Technology in the process called Plastic surgery. Korea is one of those countries who make surgery popular around the globe. Its low currency rate has been doing fine in pitching neighboring countries to come over. For them, Japan is the perfect customer knowing Yen has been soaring high recently.

Japan is well known for loving the natural despite its success in the field of technology, but the high yen and low South Korean won give the story a relevance to Japan. Do you think strong yen induces more surgeries? It has been reported that many young Japanese women are currently looking forward to undergoing surgery in Korea. How about you? If you were given the resources big enough to spare for a plastic surgery, what part of your body you would like to change?

2009/03/03 Mylene
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