The Promises of spring

Spring has come! I find myself dreaming again, sitting under the loveliest tree, enjoying the cold temperature, while pink petals are drifting away. The fleeting few weeks of Cherry blossom has always been one of the pushing factors why I want to visit Japan. The pure white and charming pink cherries have always been magical, even if my adjectives are just extracted from pictures, videos and stories from students. They are enough to mesmerize the very core of my system.

There are times though, when my wild imagination would suddenly freeze, especially when hay fever comes into the picture. I'm so afraid to get sick and find out I have allergy with this pollen grain. The symptoms are beyond my imagination. All I know is that, the feeling is indeed horrible.

I may not have visited Japan but for almost 3 years of teaching, I have become familiar with the paradoxical promises of spring- the amazing cherry blossom of white and pink, and uncomfortable sneezes and coughs brought by powder like pollen from Cedar trees. Even so, I still dream of the first promise, there's always trade-off in life anyway.

2009/03/14 Mylene
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