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<Mr. Onizuka, a friend who is doing the agent of the author, introduced this school with his own e-mail magazine, so I will reprint it.>

I was not good at English at all until the end of the university year, and I could not read even English textbooks for junior high school students. However, while quitting the football club which he was passionate about at university, I wanted to become able to speak English by all means while searching for what I wanted to do and I began to go to an English conversation classroom. Because there was no money to say, it was an English conversation class that the Christian missionary taught almost in Tada. For half a year I tried to understand just what I was talking about, not knowing what I was talking about. But that is just a feeling. Of course not. As I repeated the number of times, I could catch some simple words easily. After all, I thought that English was a vocabulary number, and I began to learn the meaning of words vaguely. However, even if you increase your vocabulary, do not let it use it freely. Because you can not just know the meaning of words. Because it has no meaning unless you master it. So memorize basic example sentences round, change only words of example sentences to the teacher and talk. Since it is a conversation, obviously it will return over there, but I can hardly understand its meaning. That state lasted about half a year.

English is funny. One day you will soon find out what the other person is talking about. Oh, I thought it was on the waves. Even if I speak to a person who is fluent in English and speaks English, it seems like a moment is felt. After that, I increased opportunities to speak English, I went to study abroad in the UK and managed to be able to use everyday English conversation on a personal level somehow.

After returning home, I found a job at a British company. Here, both the meeting and the document are in English. I was told that English skills are overwhelmingly short. I got an English teacher and studied English that I can use in business to negotiate with native twice a week. After that it has been independent for 8 years. From the life I was immersed in English until then, I became a life without English at all.

Recently, however, I began to think that I wanted to sell the copyright of Japanese books to the world, and I began to actively contact with overseas people, but my English ability was obviously falling. I want to challenge the "businessman who fly around the world" once dreaming about a long time ago. I thought so, I began hastily starting a one to one English lesson at Skype that my friend is helping with running.

Four days a week, I spend about 30 minutes once.

Perhaps it will take more than a year to receive lessons four times a week to return to when I was speaking English most fluently. Actually, this is very interesting and cheap, although it was a depressing thought that it would take a long time. If I want to take a one-on-one English lesson in the city center, I have to go to the classroom, and it costs around 4000 yen per hour. However, this site is only about 200 yen. Moreover, there is no moving time. You can take lessons at one-twentieth of the cost. This lesson is to talk with Filipino at Skype. Because it is a Filipino person, I was half-confident that English pronunciation is okay, but teacher's pronunciation is almost native. The intellectual level is also high. If someone you are interested in, please try it.

But still there is a cultural difference, the lesson does not start as time goes on, the net can not be used with typhoons and storms, because it is a Catholic country, it is a talk of christianity which is easy to talk about. There are many things to be confused, but I am studying while having fun including them.

If this system was 20 years ago, I think that it was probably insulted. Long ago, while studying English, I was interested in the UK. It is getting interested in the Philippines little by little while skype is now.

In this way English is something 's entrance. Beyond Mike, I felt like I could see myself relaxing on my own "businessman flying around the world" and on the beach in the Philippines.

2009/07/15 by Tadashi Onitsuka
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