Has Climate Really Changed?

I love the rain. Yes, I do, for someone who lives in a country where almost all year round is freaking hot, I know you understand why I do. Natural coldness aside, books, pillows, naps and coffee are really beyond compare when heaven pours. I know I am not the only one who gets excited and thankful when summertime is over, there's the farmer who has anxiously waited to see growing plants with misty leaves, there's the thirsty flower who has earnestly begged to live longer and be more beautiful, and there's these street children who have fervently hoped to take shower and be freshened at least. How inspiring!

Recently however, rainy season has long overdue its contract to the extent of breaking the thin line between love and hate. It's raining too long that dancing in the rain is more of a punishment, making almost everyone's right foot, left as well.

In the Philippines, heavy rain is synonymous to brown-out - a term we use to describe power interruption in a certain area. And in this highly industrialized world, if there's no electricity, almost everything is down. When it's raining cats and dogs, working people look paralyzed – (that's the other side of me), street kids turn so pathetic wading flooded roads, farmers become pitiful looking at the fields drenched with unwanted irrigation.

This unpredictable and continuous downpour of heavenly water has painted sad faces and confused minds, has climate really changed?

2009/08/01 Mylene
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