There's No Light After Typhoon

It's hotter. It's darker here in the Philippines.

After the capital of the Philippines-Manila was devastated by typhoons Ondoy and Peping late last year, people got nervous when it rained, many got phobia. No one could blame the Filipinos, because right before our very eyes, we witnessed homes turned into debris, cars floating like toys, plants and animals drifted away and families gradually losing strength of holding each others' hand.. I ,even caught myself sometimes, toying the idea of climbing up the Mango tree in front of my house in case water suddenly rose up.

But gone are those days.

Has Philippines' weather turned perfect lately? NO. Each day, I feel I am melting.

Ironically, the Philippines is now struggling against serious El Nino. Reservoirs are drying up which are lifelines of hydroelectric plants. Days are hotter. Nights are darker. Water containers are in queue, next to their owners who are tiresomely standing, hoping and waiting for their turn. Power interruption has been rotated in small towns and even in big cities of Manila. The frequent brownouts make Philippines more pathetic and less progressive even if candles and power generators' sales have soared high recently. Not in any way will it help push the economy up.

My place like any other places has been officially declared as being in "a state of calamity". A term equal to the word disaster. It's really very hot these days, everyone is sweating, fields are cracking and plants are drying. Last night was a perfect disaster, I was in the middle of a class, when my world was painted black, I was left speechless not being able to continue the fun time with my student online. It was totally dark and quite, except for the buzzing mosquitoes that surrounded me(at least I was not alone). Then followed the dark and warmer temperature, then the text messages of colleagues informing me, they just have ended their class and it's brownout. Disaster... No, I am not complaining. I love my work and my country, but I have to be honest. Life recently has twisted into the so called miserable.

But no matter how miserable, life goes on. No matter how complicated, one should strive hard to make one's living a little less difficult. See ray of hope even from a candle light.

by Mylene 2010/2/12
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