Japanese anime fever in Philippines

Japan surprised the world by her well- developed country, she made the world looked up by her service-oriented people. And one thing she must know, how she amazed the world through animation.

It's been years since Japanese anime was first introduced to Philippines. And it did not count for years to be popular, at the time it started it hit the top rating shows in Philippine television. Then more animes rised and continue to wave until now.

Let me have a list in some of those animes that put Philippines into fever.

All-time favorite Doraemon,the cat-robot from future time who became friendly not just to Novita and his friends but to the world,opening our minds for the promise of future.

And here comes Pokemon with Picachu and team rocket to protect the world from devastation, to unite all people within our nation, to denounce evil of truth and love and to extend reach to the stars above,surrender now and prepare to fight!

Who would forget Sailormoon? With the warrior's power bestowed by planets and all evil was defeated.

How about Lupin III? His cleverness marked an impression to all Filipinos and with his lovely Fujiko.

Flame of Recca, that flamed the eyes of viewers with his strong spirit and determination to protect his princess.

The fight of Songuko and his unique transformation that comes with Kamehameha wave on Dragon Ball Z.

Who could forget Hanamichi Sakuragi? The head battler who shoke every television with his slam dunk .And his teammate as well as greatest rival ,Kaede Rukawa , who tickled every girls heart.

The punches of Ippo that knocked-out his opponent and remained humble, reminds every watcher that training is the best way to achieve what you hoped to be.

Striker Kyosuke with his hungy heart that gave a fire ball to it's goal for a soccer game. His play was incredible, inspiring every youth to engage in sports and to believe what they can do.

Eugene with his comrades and their tournament to save the world, even if it may cost their lives .

We called them Ghost Fighters! We also have Naruto, the Filipinos witnessed as he developed himself as better fighter.

Shaman King that gives respect to the peaceful soul of every fighter.

Hunter X Hunter that unites a team towards one goal, despite of differences.

And Luffy, that resembles Japan, his stretchable arms and legs that can reach anything within our sight. Japan and Luffy would come together, with their capabilities reaching One Piece and the whole world.

Well, these are just few of those famous animes shown not just here but around the globe. Japan had find its way to entertain people at any age. These animes are short-lived, but believe me,many years may pass but every anime has become a part of our life, they once carried our feet,rushing, from school to our house in order not to miss a single episode. They have been a topic when hanging with friends, they have given a positive insight to every viewer.

It has been a part of every television. Following these animes were fun and worth reminiscing. Being a fan, I can say beware!..it would conquer your imagination.

By Rubelie(Bing) 2010/06/27
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