Hong Kong Revisited

My holiday in Hong Kong!!!! I didn't get over with Hong Kong fever yet. Since last February unfulfilled trip I made a promise before I depart Hong Kong that I will visit it again, and, so I did. This time I could say I've been to places and saw things clearly this time and did the things I wanted to do before but wasn't able to do so. First day after checking in into the hotel ( stayed on the same hotel love that place very accessible for us) I and my significant other head straight to Ngong Ping but this time we took the MTR instead of the boat. We arrived in Tung Chung station and stand on the queue (the queue was so long) to get our tickets for the cable car that we wanted to take last time.

We are both afraid of heights but we dared to choose to ride the crystal cabin instead of the regular one. Crystal cabin has a glass floor aside from the sides so we can see the bottom too. First I was scared eventually I got used to it and enjoyed looking down.

Crystal rooms

Cable car

cabin. Glass floor

Airport seen from cable car

We've reached Ngong Ping and head to Po Lin and see the Giant Buddha we skip going up to the Giant Buddha since I'm phobic with stairs especially going down. It was drizzling too. Instead we explore the other parts that we've missed before we trekked the wisdom path and came across an old abandoned village.

Stairway to a huge Big Buddha

From Wisdom path we went to the temple and had vegetarian lunch in the restaurant there, on our way back to Ngong Ping to take our cable ride back to Tung Chung some German tourists beckon us they were standing in the stage like surrounded with flags the woman said we try to stand on the center facing the giant Buddha. We're curious so we did what they told us. First my partner then they told him to talk quietly he did and he seems startled and told me to do so I tried and wow I can hear my voice absolutely loud as if I have a microphone inside a closeted room, really weird

The circle

From Ngong Ping we head back to Kowloon and went to street market in Mongkok.

I realized that street hawkers are real ripped off merchant I tried to lower the price of this bling from HK0 to just HK by telling her that the other vendor trying to sell me those things for just HK.

1881 Heritage

Sik Sik Yuen Temple. This temple is located in Wong Tai Sin Kowloon in the center of the town

A godly believer prays from the bottom of my heart. This temple is known for having miracles who will make wishes come true.

Ooops! Watch out!

Going to mid-level escalator in SOHO this is the longest street escalator and the only one in the world based on the guide book I've read and I agree with it

[FYI] Central Mid-Level's Escalator

Starting from Queen's Road Central's Central Market is the Central Mid-Level's Escalator. The Escalator is 800m long, but it actually consists of many sub-sections of small escalators. Along the way, you can see the local shops to the mid-levels where the rich reside. The Escalator only operates one way, either Up or Down Operating Hours: 06:00 to 10:00, downwards; 10:00 to 22:00, upwards

I had had enough of the escalator ride so we got off here didn't reach the top I was worried of going down since there's no lift nor going down escalator the only choice left was to use the stairs. NO STAIRS please!

"Ajisen" restaurant menu

Grilled chicken ball with molten cheese on it is stuck in the skewer.

There is a beef garnished with garlic. I do not know the Japanese name of this delicious dish, but it made me feel like being in heaven because it is very tasty.

Now I understand why so many Filipinos wanted to go to Hong Kong. First because it is so close to Philippines, second we don't need visa to get there and last but not the least there are plenty of things to do that 3 days stay is not enough. For now I could say I have enough and won't spend my next vacation there. Perhaps my next vacation will be in Japan. If I'll be lucky to be chosen to avail one of the 10,000 free air fare to Japan sponsored by Japanese tourism board. I'll spend my next holiday in Japan.

By Ace 2011/10/26
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