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Spectacular views, towering lahar canyons, thermal springs, cool mountain springs and cascading waterfalls along O' Donnell streambed. Drive on board an all-weather vehicle for one hour, disembark in Sitio Dapili and trek for maximum of two hours to the crater, view the tranquil yet majestic 2.5-km crater-lake located in Botolan, Zambales which is 30 kms away from Sta. Juliana. Or optionally bathe yourself in any of the six sulfur-filled thermal pools at Sitio Tarukan. Cap your day with a generous fishing expedition at Tambo Lake before proceeding to the Korean-owned wellness spa.

After our visibly tiring and tiring Pinatubo trek, we tried Sand Spa in Brgy. Sta. Juliana in Capas, Tarlac. also the jump-off point for our early morning Pinatubo trek. Awaiting our tired bodies and aching muscles was a relaxing and rejuvenating series of spa treatments unique to Pinatubo in a first-of-a-kind model in fitness therapy and wellbeing.

Here, we were buried for 30 mins. in a relaxing body wrap with heated, sulfur-laden volcanic ash to remove body wastes by drawing out toxins and impurities that are embedded deep within the skin's pores. Volcanic ash is said to be high in sulfur which not only helps our body not only to resist bacteria but actually to destroy it. It is also said to lessen body cholesterol.

Next was a facial and body mud pack. When applied to our skin's surface, the soothing wet clay lifts, and firms and exfoliates, softening and stretching our skin to make us look revitalized and healthier with a more youthful looking complexion. After a while, we took to the showers again to remove the dried up clay. Our final pampering, to improve blood circulation and relax our tired muscles and joints, was the Spa's 1 hour

Lastly, 30 to 45 minutes signature massage – the "Pina-thai-tsu," a unique combination of a traditional Thai and Shiatsu massage, with a few local massage techniques (hilot) added in. There's nothing like an ideal series of treatments to soothe our tired muscles and joints, improve our blood circulation and invigorate our body after a long and punishing day of trekking, making the most of this fantastic Philippine experience that is Pinatubo. The whole 3-course spa treatment costs PhP1,500 per person or PhP500 per treatment.

By Irene 2013/05/06
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