My Coron Busuanga Adventure

Situated 200 nautical miles from Puerto Princesa City in the province of Palawan lies a hidden paradise called Coron. Last July 10 to 15 ,2014 ,we took a short flight from Manila to Busuanga. After an hour of noisy and shaky turbo prop ride, the plane began its descent. I was there before and Coron surpasses Thailand with its stunning limestone cliffs, white sand beaches, picturesque lagoons and lakes, and listed as Forbes Traveler Magazine’s top 10 best scuba diving sites in the world.

When we arrived in Busuanga directly went to Coron and stayed at the Lodge Ell Chico owned by my friend. It’s located in the heart of Coron. The room is very spacious and clean. We’ve just rested for the whole day for tomorrow is our island hopping .My youngest sister is with me. We were much excited on the first day of the tour because we know that we are going to explore more of Coron Islands.Since it's just the two of us, we were group together with the other tourists who were really nice and friendly. Our group were composed of Koreans, German, American and Pinoys, of course. We didn't just enjoyed the trip, we also made some new acquaintances! Our tour guide and boatmen provided life jackets and snorkels for us to use.

Our first destination is Siete Pecados or Seven Peaks, is the area near the entrance of the Coron bay where ships docking to Coron passes by. It’s called Siete Pecados as there are small rocks or islets scattered near the place, 7 all in all. It’s one of the protected area in Coron which is promoted for diving and snorkeling as it has wonderful coral formations and lots and lots of fishes. 2nd We were off to the Hidden Lagoons next. This one - they call the Secret Lagoon. and the water was murky white (white but you can't see anything haha). It's good for more pictures, more exercise and more swimming. .Third is Lake Kayangan -- asia's cleanest and clearest lake, see as far deep as 15 to 20 feet.

4th is Twin lagoons -- water can be both clear and slightly brackish depending on the temperature (water has 2 temperatures); very picturesque.
5th is green lagoons , Banol beach -- small strip of fine white sand sitting at the foot of a towering limestone cliff, very nice and private. Must see fine white sand and fantastic coral reefs (marine sanctuaries).

6th is Wreck diving -- many wrecks from World War 2 litter the archipelago (Akitsushima, Irako, Kogyo Maru, Olympia Maru, Morazon Maru and several more); depths range from 9m to 45 m. Next stop was the Calachuchi Coral Garden. It's in the middle of nowhere and the boat will just stop.

Lastly for the day is CYC beach. We’ve enjoyed the beautiful and interesting islands around Coron.So tired and need to rest. You can see why I love Coron - the water is super clear at some parts and you can see some life at the bottom from the boat.

On the third day we went to Mount Tapyas -- enjoyed a breath-taking view of the entire island and enjoy the unique sunset. It is 740 steps going up the mountains. After that we went to Maquinit hot springs – enjoyed therapeutic 40 degree Celsius saltwater hot springs.

On the 4th day we went to church and visited some of my relative. We had a very delicious lunch and dinner. All seafood without meats.

On the fifth day we’ve taken a motorcycle to explore Busuanga. We’ve just went out as early as we could. We went to Calauit nature reserve – we’ve see zebras, giraffes, mousedeer,calamian deer and other animals roam freely in this safari-like environment. We’ve enjoyed feeding the giraffes.

Next is the Black Island we’ve visited the cave with lagoon. So cold and clear. We’ve explored the island with so many black

So that was our trip to Coron. Traveling to Coron was indeed a beautiful experience for us. Gaaaah! It was a paradise like I never want to go home anymore. This is a place which I will definitely visit again some time in the future.


Here’s a sample budget breakdown for a 4D/3N stay in Coron. Note that this computation is based on 2 people sharing the cost of accommodations and some fares. This sample also uses a fan room for 3 nights. This does not include airfare and terminal fees.

P300 – Van fare from airport to Coron and back (P150/way)
P1050 – Tameta Guesthouse Fan Room (P700/night, 3 nights, divided by 2 pax)
P150 – Maquinit Hot Springs Entrance Fee
P300– Trike to Maquinit Hot Springs (P300 divided by 2 pax)
P1,200 – Coron Island Tour highlights
P2,500 – Caluit ,Black island, Concepcion Falls, Ocam ocam and Salvacion with foods
P1250 – Food Budget
8,400 – TOTAL
Airfare is not included.
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