The word: Elder

elder - adjective

Elder means being older than others.
An example of elder used as an adjective is "the elder member of the group," which means the oldest member of the group.

elder - noun

The definition of an elder is an older person or an ancestor.
An example of an elder is our grandfather or grandmother.

Origin of ELDER

Middle English eldre, from Old English ellærn; perhaps akin to Old English alor alder — more at alder
"elderly person, senior citizen," c.1200, from Old English eldra "older person, parent; ancestor; chief, prince" (used in biblical translation for Greek presbyter); see elder (adj.). Compare German Eltern, Danish forældre, Swedish föräldrar "parents." The Old English for "grandfather" was ealdfæder.
First Known Use: before 12th century

- one having authority by virtue of age and experience
- of earlier birth or greater age
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