The word : Enjoy

"Enjoy" means to receive pleasure or satisfaction from something.


Nero-chan went to a birthday party last week. Then, his father asked him,
Did you enjoy the party?
He replied, " Yes, I enjoyed it very much."

Did you enjoy your vacation in New York?
Yes, I enjoyed it a lot.

enjoy yourself ==› to get pleasure from the situation which you are in


Come on! Why aren't you dancing?
Enjoy yourselves!

Anna is enjoying herself with her new job.

We use the -ing form after enjoy but we don’t use a to-infinitive:

I never enjoyed cycling.
Not: I never enjoyed to cycle.

They enjoyed meeting people on their trip around Italy.
Not: They enjoyed to meet people on their trip …

Spoken English :

In informal situations, enjoy is sometimes used on its own without an object. This is especially common in American English :

A:We're now going out for dinner.
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