Greeting part 1(Hi、Hello)

Hi guys! What's up? Is everyone doing well?

This time, I would like to talk a bit about how to greet in English.

Although I am nervous a little bit nervously in greeting to the person who meets for the first time, I am worried whether I can do better in English. However, greeting in English is actually quite simple.

If you had a chance to talk with a foreigner at a party or a stylish BAR, what would you say first? In middle school and high school you learned to say "Nice to meet you" like "How do you do" or "Nice to meet you". Although this is not wrong, if you are not familiar with it it is quite difficult to say "How do you do", "Nice to meet you". Moreover, I am nervous and cheat on a bitter smile without saying anything. . . Have not you experienced this?

In such a case, not "How do you do" or "Nice to meet you", simply,
Let's say "Hi" or "Hello".
"Hello", "Hi" It's all right!

Actually speaking of the native speaker's greetings is the only thing at the beginning.
And after "Hi", "Hello", you say "Nice to meet you" or ask "What's up".

By the way, "How do you do" is not wrong, but in America it seems that it is a little old sentence and now it is almost unused.
So, first of all please practice to say "Hi", "Hello" smoothly!

by KAZ
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