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Do you feel like taking a pizza today and watching a movie and relaxing in the room while studying abroad or while traveling? Or have you ever wanted to eat plenty of cheese pizza in the middle of the night?
I have only lived in Canada and the United States, so I do not know other foreign country information, but today I would like to talk a bit about the difference between North America and Japan's delivery pizza.

First of all, Canadians and Americans love pizza great! I feel like I'm going to live here and eating pizza in Japan for about 5 years in a year (laugh) First of all, the size of Japan is L size in North America, M size. But I can buy the price for about half the price of Japan. Speaking of the big difference between pizza in Japan and pizza in North America, it will be topping again. In Japan, the classic potato · mayonnaise · corn · seafood is very minor. Of course there are shops that offer pizzas using these, but the likes and dislikes seem to be quite different. Especially for seafood pizza even my Canadian counterpart S who likes Japanese food is said to be Eeeewww That’s gross! (. _ .;) I can not understand what is strange if I like seafood who grew up in Japan. Potato seems to think that North Americans are carbohydrates (Cabs), and although bread is also carbohydrates, it seems to think why also carbohydrate potatoes are plus on. That means that Japanese yakisoba bread is not exceptional (laugh)

Since Japan tries to differentiate it from other companies, we will devise more original taste. For example, Teriyaki pizza, Bulgogi pizza, Minga Ochi mochi pizza etc. North America ... · · · What do you think is not competitive or adventurous? There are impressions to keep staple of chicken and Hawaiian for many years.(There are courage to put cream cheese or mango in sushi ・・Yikes!!)

Now that you know a bit about the difference in pizza culture, I'd like to introduce useful conversation and expression methods when actually ordering pizza.

Before calling, there are four things absolutely asked in common by any restaurant or delivery specialty store. There are also menus to order, but please prepare to answer immediately as soon as possible by exporting to notes so that you do not have to rush with the phone opening!

① Home address or address of a hotel
② Phone number
③ Name ·・・ It is OK even if you mention either name
※ You do not have to pay the tip if you go get it yourself.

If there is another one, depending on the shop, if you choose delivery, you may be asked on the phone number "Payment is cash? Card?" This is because in the case of a card, in case of machine, cash it is necessary to bring fishing.

Well, have you ready to order?

Let me know before Delivery or PICKUP before ordering food

Staff : Hello! This is PIZZA GARDEN. How can I help you?


Hello, I’d like to place an order for delivery/pickup.
Hello, I’d like to order a couple pizzas for delivery/pickup

※ Even though I think that it is rush hour occasionally, even though I think that I got on the phone, I was told that it was hasty "Just a moment please" and it might be kept waiting for a few minutes, but wait patiently. Also do not forget to start a conversation from Hello! In Japan, it is rare for consumers to say a few words just because they say "Welcome", so it may be a surprising and unfamiliar habit.

Let's order

Staff : What would like(to order)?

You :

1 Large Hawaiian Pizza, please.
Φ In Japan, I will tell you the number at the end, but I will tell it in English at the beginning.

Staff : Is there anything else?

You :

2 Medium Meat lovers Pizza with tomatoes and mushroom, please.
※ To add a topping, add with.
※ You may want to say without ~
※ Incidentally, if you want to add ingredients already, add "extra".

Staff : Okay, anything else?


And 2 buffalo wings, please.

Staff : Okay, Would you like anything to drink?


No thanks. That’s all/That’s everything.

After this we will repeat the order so let's check firmly whether the order is transmitted properly!

Staff: Okay. That will be .27.

Great. How long will it take to deliver it?

Staff: Hmm it’s about 20 minutes.

※ Especially in the case of pickup, it often happens that the clerk informs me of the time before listening. Delivery time will be approximately 30 minutes.

The name and telephone number are. 

Staff : Alright, can I get your name please?


My name is ANNA/TANAKA
※ There are many people who are not familiar with Japanese names, so it may not be easy to hear them. In that case you'd better tell the spelling slowly.

Staff : And your phone number?


It is 123-456-7899.

* When you choose Delivery, your address will also be asked so let me know soon.

The flow of this name, address, and telephone number goes back and forth. Depending on the shop, we may ask you for these information first before listening to the order.

Staff :Okay. Thank you for your calling. By now.

The order and flow of pizza you do in Japan are the same, so it will be easy to get used to. Although I am not good at it, I think that there are also many people who think that it is difficult to hear because the mouth of the person who is speaking can not be seen. But the clerk is neither a boss nor an interviewer. If you do not get too tense, if you do not hear it please try at your own pace saying Could you say that again or Could you speak slowly? There is only practice ♫

Have a wonderful day :)

by Peco
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