English conversation that can be used at homestay - 1st bullet

Do you think that language school is the only opportunity to improve English during study abroad? As a place to stay for the first time studying abroad, I think that you will choose a homestay rate as high as 90%.

I used to work as a local study abroad agent in Canada before, but what I often heard from students received is "Is there a free place or school where students can study English after the school's lesson?" was. I always advised from my own experience "I am using a lot of homestay, so I should use my host family more." Then most students say in common. "My host family does not talk much"

The host family does not know your English ability and personality well. Because I am not a family, respecting individuals, what did you do at school today? What are you thinking? Many hosts do not ask too much. But if you talk to me and tell me that you want to study, you surely will answer. If you step out of Japan, those who do not claim self-assertion will be put more and more from the surroundings. Nobody helps unless it says to help. It seems to be tough but this is a reality, I think that it is also one of the things to learn from Japan and to learn. I also studied at the age of 19 for the first time studying abroad. The nail that comes out in Japan tends to be hit, but overseas is the opposite. Sometimes it is too strong, I think that it is better to have more cooperation (laugh)

Anyways,Returning to the subject, opportunities to learn English are rolling around the house. My recommendation is to talk about what I was in today at school, listen to recommended spots around my house or school, try to help me for dinner, listen to food and kitchen supplies in English what I see. I especially like cooking, so I roamed around the kitchen almost every day and talked a lot with my hosts and mastered English. Do you understand the meaning of madam or saru in English? How many people answered with an immediate answer Ladle・Strainer? I can do lecture in Japan. Let's have lots of communication with the local people in order not to waste limited time, which can only be done by study abroad.

The introduction has become quite long, but what I want to tell you today is to make full use of homestay while studying abroad. Homestay fee includes not only rice and room fee. I am also paying for the experience of living with a local family. Today I would like to introduce the basic conversation that I can use at my homestay place not to waste such "valuable experience in limited time".

Nice to meet you

I think that those who wish to study abroad and use homestay are full of anxiety. But do not be afraid, let's give a good first impression with a good greeting at first!

Hi, how are you?
Hello How are you doing?

My name is Keiko. Please call me Kei.
※ After "Please call", be sure to make it a "nickname" different from your name. If you want me to call you with your real name, no need after "Please".

Nice to meet you.
It is so nice to finally meet you.
It is a pleasure to meet you.
I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.
※ Even if you just say "finally" a word, the feeling that "I was waiting for this day" is transmitted well.
※ Also, if you want to directly express that feeling, you can use sentences using "have been looking forward" and "I wanted to see you forever".

How was the flight? Homestay Immediately after arrival

Hostfamily: How was your flight? How was the flight?

Our flight took about 10 hours, so I’m bit tired.

I have a jetlag.

It was a long flight but I enjoyed the flight.

I was too nervous, so I couldn’t sleep at all.

Souvenir for homestay

Perhaps a lot of people will bring souvenirs to host families who will be in the future from now on? I use Present/gift/souvenir for the word souvenir.

I brought some gifts/presents for you guys.

Here’s a little present for you.

I hope you like it.

Expressions that can be used during meals (delicious / likes)

One of the privileges of homestaying at a study abroad that I can not taste on a trip is handmade meal. Although you are paying money, let 's tell the gratitude properly.

Hostfamily: Dinner is ready.

Okay. I’m coming.
※ By using coming instead of Going, it means that the other party is heading for the person waiting. This is tricky if you think in Japanese.

It’s really good.
It’s is delicious.
It’s so yummy.

I love this.
I like it a lot.

This is the best apple pie I’ve ever had.
※ It may be an expression that is not used much in Japanese, but in North America it is a quite often used expression method.

Thank you for the breakfast/lunch/dinner.

*Even if you have something you like, you can listen to how to make it and the conversation will spread.
I love this sauce/dressing.

Hostfamily: Oh, I’m glad that you like it. It’s my mom’s recipe.

You: Really? What did you put in it? /What’s in it?

Could I have the recipe please?

Expressions that can be used during meals (I am not good / disliked)

If you do not like the taste or you have ingredients you can not eat, let's say it properly. I have told you that I liked it forcibly and thought that the host was good, I often hear stories saying that the ingredients come to the table like everyday. This is one of exercises to convey my opinion.

I have dairy allergy./I’m allergic to dairy.

I don’t have any allergy but I don’t like pepper.

I can’t eat spicy food.
I’m not huge fun of spicy food.

I’s good but it’s too spicy for me.

Ask if I need help

Do you need a hand?
Would you like some help?
※ Hosts are very helpful if they actively offer help. There is no doubt that you will like it!

Well, based on my past homestay experience, I introduced the expression method that I can use from the first day, but I have other expressions that I can use still more so I would like to continue with my next homestay English conversation 2 on the next blog . In the 2nd bullet, I will introduce expressions that I think once, I wonder what I will say in English, such as the reaction method that can be used when I got used to it. please stay tuned♪♪


by Peco
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