Conversation part 2 (I'm good, I'm OK, Not bad)

Hi guys How are you doing?
This time is the answer to "How are you".
Although it is better that you know in advance, "How are you?" is just a greeting, it really is not a meaning to want to know the other party's condition. As "How are you?" is translated as "How are you doing?", I will try to faithfully state the state at that time, such as "I really want to have a little head" or "I feel cold". But this is surprising the opponent rather than an English greeting. So when greeting in English it is better to say "I'm good" (fine) and return it smoothly. I'm of "I'm fine" is omitted and "fine" has the same meaning.

Summarized by expression, it will be as follows, but basically it will not answer negative to the first person.
【I am feeling very well 】 I'm great  I'm good
【Good condition 】 Good., fine
【So so 】 I'm ok Not bad
【Even when you have a cold or sickness 】 I'm Ok I'm not bad. I'm fine.
【Even when it is a very sad time 】 I'm fine. I'm okay, I'm good.
Like a friend you may tell the truth to a person with a close relationship, but let's try to say "I'm good, fine" to the person who is meeting for the first time!
Next time is about "icebreaker" useful for starting conversations at parties and social gatherings.
Thank you. See you nextime!

by KAZ
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