English conversation using idioms

To understand the language the native speaker speaks, it is necessary to memorize not only words but also unique phrases of phrases.

If you translate directly into Japanese, you can not make sense, but there are things called idioms that they often use frequently. In Japanese it means jokugo / idiomatic phrases, words of two words or more are tightly linked and mean words with completely different meanings.

When a beginner in English tries to pick up the word you know somehow when listening, do not you think? But when you try connecting these word words, have you not experienced becoming completely meaningless words? One of the reasons is that native speakers are heavily using this idiom in conversation.

First of all, the way of assembling grammar is different between Japanese and English, the idea is also different. Therefore, it is necessary to understand English in English. I think that it is the only shortcut to grasp the scenes to be used in a sense by referring to the native usage rather than "Why does it have such a meaning?"

I will introduce the situations that are actually used this time as an example sentence this time. It is important not to just remember the meaning but to assume a usable situation. If you can remember idioms and use it, you will be able to speak natural and close to native conversation.

Decide on scenes / Decide on circumstances at that time / as flexible as possible

Play it by ear

  What do you want to eat tonight?

 Hmm I don’t know. We haven’t even eaten lunch yet. We can go to the grocery store later.

 That’s true. Let’s play it by ear.

※ I often use it when deciding things according to circumstances and feelings at that time. It is a kind of nuance that leaves itself to the flow at that time rather than planning.

There is another word that can be used as a synonym, so let's remember it together!
Go with the flow

I will let it go
 I heard that you are going to travel for 3 months. Where are you going?
Actually, I haven’t decided yet. My first destination would be Japan so I may just stay in Asia if I like it there. If not, I may go to New Zealand or something. Don’t you think traveling is more fun when you just go with flow?

Leave it to the flow of nature
That was a great wedding. Blaaaah I was supposed to get married by now in my life plan. I haven’t even had a boyfriend in the last 2 years. What if I die without finding anyone?

Calm down. Everyone has different timing. You can’t plan your life perfectly. Just relax and go with the flow. 

※ "Flow" means flow. It is "Go with the flow" so leave yourself up to the flow of the river and you will easily remember when you imagine a picture that is floating.

Sweet tooth / sweet one

Sweet tooth

I can’t sleep without eating some kind of sweets.

You really have a sweet tooth.

Actually I wasn’t big fun of sugar when I was kids but I developed a sweet tooth without noticing.

※ Always use "tooth" singular rather than plural "teeth" when using this expression.

From one point / From nothing

From scratch

Start from scratch
 What’s your dream?

 My dream is to start my business from scratch.

Hand made from scratch (completely handmade without using kit or commercially available)
 This is the best apple pie I ever had.

 I’m so happy to hear that. I made it from scratch.

※ "scratch" means scratching. Starting point = "scratch" seems to be the etymology because I wrote the starting point of the playground and the like with a stick etc.
※ start ~from scratch : Start something from scratch
※ make ~ from scratch : Handmade from scratch
※ built ~from scratch : Start making something from scratch
※ start over/again~ from scratch : Start over from the beginning

It's not too difficult / it's easier than you think

It’s not rocket science

 I can’t believe that you built your guitar from scratch.

 Well, it took me about 3 months but it’s not rocket science.
※ If you translate directly, it is not harder than rocket science, that is, it is not a rocket science, it is an idea that the result "it is not so difficult than you imagine".

Advantages Disadvantages / pros and cons / good points and bad points

Pros and Cons

Good place and bad place
  I’m not sure if we all should move to Canada with our kids. As much as I want to support your new business there though.

 Let’s look into the pros and cons before we make a decision.

Advantages and disadvantages
 What do you think about get married with non-Japanese.
 I think there are many pros and pros of international marriage.

※ When you want to explain individually : Pro is… Con is…

Easy things / victory / easy work / cheerfulness

It’s piece of cake

How was the exam?

 It was a piece of cake.

※ It is said that the etymology is that it is easy to eat as much as a piece of cake = "that much easier". Let's use it instead of "It’s easy. It’s simple".

This time we introduced a couple of highly used frequently asked and frequently used everyday idioms from many insidious idioms. How many expressions did you know? Learn from easy-to-remember items, let's start using today from today ★☆

See you around :)

by Peco
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