Conversation part 3

Hi guys How are you doing?
This time is about how to start talking about social occasions such as parties (icebreaker). Icebreaker is a method (talking method) to relieve the tension feeling between the person who met for the first time in the sense that it means to break (melt) the ice by literal translation. Everyone is nervous when talking to a person who is meeting for the first time. I do not know what to say. . . The following sentences are useful at such times, so please remember them.
First of all, when talking to an unknown person at a party, it is common to talk like this to "Hello, I'm Kenji. Nice to meet you.". And the other person will also say "I'm Mark. Nice to meet you, too.". However, I do not know how to talk about this afterwards, but in the case of native speakers it usually looks like the following.

【About cooking, drinks】
The food is very delicious, isn't it? / It's a good wine, isn't it?

【About the weather】
It's very cold(or hot) today, isn't it?

【About the party】
It's a nice party, isn't is? / How did you know about the party?
Start a conversation from such things that are familiar, like this way. And it is said that you will gradually search for each other's common points little by little and talk about it.

Next time I will tell you how to tie the story after this!
See you next time!

by KAZ
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