English named after Christmas

It is Christmas soon! That is a little left to leave this year.
Every year I think that it is really a moment that the year-end will come when summer is over.
In Japan it is common to spend Christmas with friends and lovers, and spend the New Year and New Year holidays with their families.
In North America, the opposite is true, I spent Christmas with my family, and it is common to spend my New Year and New Year holidays with my friends and lovers.
But when I think about it well, Christmas is a culture that came from abroad, so it is convinced that Japanese people take care of the traditional New Year that had been from before.
Also, why is Christmas Eve less dominant in Japan? Does not it feel like Meh (Christmas day) on Christmas day?
There are many people who eat KFC in Japan instead of turkey, and the Christmas in Japan that we are experiencing is Christmas completely knitted in Japan.

So I thought about when and when I told you about Christmas, so I tried it for a while. It is said that Francisco Xavier who spread Christianity in 1552 began to massage the faithful on December 24 and started the mass. Since Fujiya familiar with Peko-chan sold Christmas cake, boom gained fire and department store began selling Christmas decoration goods, so that various business strategies such as becoming decorated at home and so on It seems he has influenced many people. By the way, it seems that the image color of Santa Claus was established in the beginning that Coca-Cola Company started to promote and cooperate with the same color as the signature product, which had no fixed conventions such as white and blue. Now I can not imagine Santa other than white and red (o´・ω・)

Anyways, Today I would like to introduce English related to Christmas♪

... and before that ... In Christmas Japan I write "X'mas". Even a lot of companies use it, did you know that this is actually a mistake? (/x_x)/
Let's remember that it is Xmas or Christmas correctly.

●Advent Calendar

⇒In Japan, it counts how many days after Christmas comes in North America, as it counts as "wait a couple of days when sleeping, New Years ..." in New Year 's coming. The calendar is called the advent calendar. It is a calendar from December 1st to 24th, made of basic disposable paper in BOX form, with a small window at the date, and when it opens it is filled with chocolate, candy, etc in the dent. It seems that I open each day one day and are excited about 24 days to Christmas. It is a lovely custom that leaves something somewhat unpopular in Japan.


⇒The sweet drink made from milk made from milk, cream, sugar, melted egg is called EGNOG. When I get near the Christmas where the fragrance of nutmeg and cinnamon drifts, I was lined up at the supermarket and when I saw this being sold it is a classic Christmas drink that will be the year of Christmas this year. It is also recommended to drink lamb, brandy, whiskey and so on. If you have a chance to spend Christmas in the West, please try it.

●Gingerbread House

⇒There are also people who are familiar as it is in vogue in Japan, but in short it is a house of sweets. I bought some chocolate, gummies, candies, etc. I decorate the house made of cookies and I do not eat or eat it. I made it with my family Canada for the first time last year, but I enjoyed it a lot. Because I sell kits and so on, I do not mock a child's thing, so I think it's fun to make with friends and lovers so please try by adults by all means ♪


⇒In Japan we call Christmas stockings, but we do not say Christmas socks. Since the socks are short images, it is difficult to put a lot of gifts and it falls down so it may be easier to remember if you imagine socks like long stockings. There are many small presents that papa and mama (or Santa) put in this stocking. Large presents are placed under the tree. In Japanese families it is not a general flow that parents get Christmas gifts anymore if they grow up. In North America, both parents and children continue to exchange presents for the rest of my life. That's why Christmas is an exciting event no matter how many.



⇒Speaking of Christmas, Santa. It is from the chimney that Santa will come to put a present near the fireplace. In English it is called chimney.



⇒On Christmas we decorate stockings around the fireplace. When I was a kid I had a dream to live in a house with a fireplace that always comes out in the overseas drama Christmas scene (*´∇`*) Recently there are a lot of mainstream gas fireplaces.



 ⇒Deer calls Deer in English. Reindeer calls Reindier. By the way Did you know that "Reindeer nose reindeer" has a name? In oversea (original work) it is called Rudolph. How about having an original English in English practice once?



⇒Sorry that Santa's on is called Sled. By the way small sled is called Sled (thread). It looks like sounds are similar but not similar

Candy cane

⇒Cane (cane) refers to a cane. Since Candy is candy, it means the cane made of candy. The most famous are candy candy made of red and white, but there are also many colors such as green, yellow, blue and pink. By the way the taste is red peppermint in case of white. Why is it a staff at Christmas? There are various theories, such as representing the cane used by the shepherd, being in the form of J which is the initial letter of Jesus upside down and representing Jesus leading a stray lamb That's right.

Did you know a little Christmas culture in North America? I say that Christmas is Christmas in Japanese, I know what to do, a big mistake. It is not until you have spent time with the locals abroad and experience the event so that you can know the true meaning. Since I do not know that Background or Culture just by knowing the meaning of a word, I think that it is important to experience language learning as well. Is Japan the season of the year-end party? There is no year-end party in Canada where I am, and I will have a Christmas party. I think I miss the year-end party with my friends Today is around this time, I am looking forward to my second Christmas in Canada coming soon. Anyway, this is the last lesson of this year. What kind of year was 2017? Is there something you have left undone? Well, let's meet again next year's lesson ★

Merry Christmas and Happy new year guys <3

By Peco
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