Who is the teacher?

It is a Philippine lecturer who has a bachelor's degree or master's degree. Many have specialized in English education and have experience teaching English at local universities, high schools, language schools and online schools. Filipinos are well acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of education in ESL (English as a second language). Also, every instructor is friendly and tolerant, so you can relax and take lessons.

Is TOEIC lesson possible?

You can use the TOEIC text for lessons. Fields to be good for each teacher are different so please check with the teacher introduction page.

Is TOEFL lesson possible?

There is no TOEFL-compliant curriculum and it does not correspond officially, but we have been able to respond within the possible range such as speaking measures.

I have a teaching material I want to use, but what should I do?

Please contact the secretariat or lecturer. After examination, if it is a teaching material that is useful and online for other students as well, it will be added to the teaching materials list. If you have photographs or scanned image data, you can share it with your teacher on Whiteboard and temporarily use it.

What should I prepare?

a. Skype name (Skype's user name (ID)) is required (you can get it for free)
b. We recommend using headset for better clear sound

What should I do once Skype is ready?

Fill out the application form to obtain the User Name (ID) for this school, or if you have an account on Facebook / Google, you can log in as it is on the member page. After logging in, please purchase trial points and make a reservation for the lesson. You can tell the instructor about your desired lesson method and contents at the time of booking.

Can bank transfer be used?

I'm sorry. It is unsupported.

In the case of a point plan, is there a cost other than the point fee?

In the case of points, you can take lessons at point costs only. In the case of points, membership fee / membership fee (monthly fee / annual fee fee) is not obtained.

What should I prepare?

Please prepare the environment necessary for lessons, such as personal computer, headset, web camera, communication line etc. Also, please purchase your own commercial texts yourself.

Does class always use webcam?

Whether to use a web camera depends on the students' request. Please understand beforehand that it may be unusable when the condition of the line is bad due to heavy rain etc.

Can I use wireless internet access?

Although it is possible, we recommend "wired" internet line for stability of communication

Can I use mobile terminals (iPhone, Android etc.)?

Is possible.

Is the line stable?

In the Philippines the electricity and the net line are not as stable as in Japan. If there is a lot of noise or if you can not connect with the teacher due to power outage or circuit abnormality, we will correspond by transfer of lesson or point return. Please consult the Philippines circumstances, please use.

As of October 2013, the point return rate due to the cause of the teacher side is about 2%.

How can I cancel my membership?

There is a withdrawal form on the membership page. Since withdrawal will be done immediately, please accept all members of the lesson and cancel the withdrawal process after the period of the month of digesting or paid in.

For other questions, please do not hesitate to ask by the inquiry form.

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