Admission fee


Point Plan

Monthly Subscription(tax included) expiration date
15 point 4,500 Japanese Yen 300 Japanese Yen/point 90 days per purchase frame
30 point 9,000 Japanese Yen 300 Japanese Yen/point

You can take one frame (25 minutes) with 1 point. Expiration date is 90 days. An expiration date will be attached for each point frame. Even if it is a regular purchase, even if it is a regular purchase, since the expiration date is set for that frame at the time of adding points, the deadline of the point frame added before purchase is intact.


Various Constraints

Maximum number of classes per day Reserveable Lessons
Maximum number of simultaneous reservations Period
You can book and attend any number of classes up to the point of possession Unlimited Up to 10 days


Free trial

After logging in, please send an image of "address" such as a postcard or Takkyubin's slip to the secretariat from the inquiry form. I gave you 2 points. It is necessary to be able to confirm arrival date or postmark date from the image. Please prepare things within 3 months.

If you have an introduction from an existing member, I will give you 2 points free of charge as well. So once you log in, I think that you can contact the secretariat with the name / email address or ID of the existing member.

Lesson Slot

One frame is 25 minutes.

Payment Method

You can pay with one of the following

  • PayPal settlement (payment from credit card or balance)
  • Convenience store payment (Seven Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart, Seico Mart, Circle K, Sunkus, Ministop) Buy only on demand. Only in Japan.
  • Apple Pay (some plans only with iOS app)

After logging in, please pay the fee in any way from the members page. In case of PayPal, reservation becomes possible immediately after settlement. In the case of a convenience store, we will register a payment plan on the membership page at one time and issue a number for settlement. After that, if you pay at a convenience store, the plan will be effective in a few hours. In case of Apple Pay please purchase with application.

All claims are done by a secure settlement agent, and we do not handle payment information, so we can use it with confidence.

Point Presentation Function

It is possible to present points to families, acquaintances, etc. You can do it on the members page.

  • The gift recipient will be given a member's User Name (ID).
  • If you are using a Facebook / Google account, please specify the member's User Name (ID) that is internally posted. It is displayed on the personal information confirmation page.
  • Only points can be awarded, and no other plan can be presented.


  • The plan will be used by only one person. We can not share with family.
  • If you can not do lessons due to Philippine's internet line abnormality or instructor's sudden circumstances (illness, etc.), we will respond either by transferring the date or time, transferring lesson by changing instructor, or by point return. We will refund points even if you do not wish to transfer lessons due to the circumstances of the students (return points are valid for 90 days from return date). Please note that we can not guarantee any other losses.
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