One lesson is 25 minutes

 It will be 50 minutes lesson with 2 lessons reservation.
Please consult with your lecturer to see if you can take a break on the way.

Reservation time

You can make an appointment at least one hour before class start in the shortest possible time.
The operation differs depending on the instructor, but as an indication of the reservation deadline, early morning classes until the night before the day, classes at noon until the morning of the day, classes at night should be confirmed by the afternoon of the day.

Lesson time

It is from early morning 5 o'clock to midnight 0 o'clock. Because the time zone available for each instructor is different, please confirm at the time of reservation.
I think that you will be able to confirm the price list as there is a limit on the time that can be reserved for the daytime plan only.

Cancellation time

To cancel the reservation please perform cancellation operation on the members page. If you do not cancel on the member page just by telling the secretariat or lecturer that cancellation is made, we will consume point / plan, so please be sure to cancel operation from member page.
Cancellation is possible up to 1 hour before the lesson, but please avoid cancellation as soon as possible as possible, thank you for the early cancellation operation.
To change the reservation, please make a reservation operation once canceled once. We do not prepare a method to "change reservation" in one step.
Please refer to explanation of "cancellation" and "reservation" for treatment of point expiration date.

Difference of reservation rule by plan

Regular plan / day time plan / holiday plan

You can take classes of the days / hours according to the price list.
There is no necessity to attend every day, so please take it on reasonable schedule.
Only one of these monthly plans can be used.

Point system

You can make a reservation ten days ahead within the expiration date.
One lesson (25 minutes) can be taken at one point.

Combination of monthly pole plan (regular / daytime / holiday plan) and point system

It is possible to combine the monthly plan and point system. The button of the plan that can be reserved when you make a reservation on the membership page will be displayed, so you can select and book easily.

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