Chat Function

Ability to send and receive short messages on Skype.

Messages sent when the other party is offline are temporarily suspended and the message reaches the other party only when they are "online" at the same time. Please note that it is different from Email.

Therefore, Skype's chat usage is basically only in the classroom, and otherwise, especially when the student is offline, we will contact you by email. Regardless of the students, please contact the teacher in advance with an e-mail (membership page has an input form) instead of Skype chat.
There is no problem if you use chat after understanding the above characteristics.

Call Function

It is a function that enables you to talk over the Internet.

Received call history is always left, but it remains only when "each other is online", but it will remain on "receiving side", but not when the receiving side is off line (including line malfunction) "You can not call back" like an ordinary phone.
Therefore, incoming call history will not remain when there is a line malfunction.

Skype call test

Skype call test can be done by talking to user echo 123. After listening to the announcement, I will return the contents as it is when I get a voice for 10 seconds. The test will be OK if you can listen to your voice. Before the lesson, especially for the first time please make a call test.

Headset recommended

If noise or echo is applied, or sound does not enter well, please try the headset.

Please add your teacher to the contact list at the first lesson

Click the image to enlarge it.

When there is contact from the teacher, please allow it and add it to the contact list.
Normally we will contact you from the teacher, but if you want to add Skype name (Skype's user name (ID)) of the teacher from the student to the contact list, search by Skype name (ID) and press "Add to contact" button to contact You can add it to the list.

Screens may vary slightly depending on the OS and Skype version you are using.

How to chat with Skype

When you are not talking or during a call without video, enter a chat message in the area enclosed by a red circle in the left figure and then press the return key (line feed key) or the blue circle displayed on the right side of the input area If you press the button, a message will be sent.

A Skype chat will be sent a message when both himself and the person sending the message are online at the same time. If both are not online at the same time, no message will be sent. This point is different from e-mail.

While you are talking, press the button at the bottom of the screen and the chat field goes out or hides. Please keep it displayed all the time during the lesson.

During a video call, the chat area may be hidden. If the chat area is hidden, please press the button shown in the left figure and the chat area will be displayed.

When chatting during a video call, this will be the screen. When you enter a chat message in the area on the left figure and then press the return key (line feed key) or the blue circle button displayed on the right side of the input area, a message will be sent.

The screen may vary slightly depending on the version of Skype that you use.


How to receive files by Skype

Since the teacher may send files to be used for lessons, please press the "Save" button to receive the file.

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