Please read the following regulations and thank you for your understanding and using the service.



Our school offers online English lessons.

Things to do by yourself

Start Skype up to 5 minutes before the appointed time and put it in a call enabled state (online state).
In case of last cancellation, tell the teacher about cancellation if possible.


There must be an environment where Skype can be used.
The environment where Skype can be used should be prepared by users themselves.
Install Skype.
Make sure there is no problem in communicating with Skype overseas communication environment.
If the user is a minor, obtain consent from a legal representative such as a custodian.
Pay the usage fee according to the settlement method defined by this site.

Response in case you can not take a lesson

The teacher may not be able to do classes due to various circumstances. In that case, we will return points and we will not guarantee anything else.

About support

Support shall be done by e-mail.

About reimbursement of fee

Paid fee will be refunded under the following conditions when offer is made. It is not done automatically.

  • From the amount stipulated below, you will be refunded the amount of 1,000 yen as a fee and PayPal's prescribed royalty (approximately 5% of remittance amount). Since our school will remit the amount of 1,000 yen subtracted from the above formula by PayPal, PayPal will automatically withdraw the prescribed fee (around 5%) and the remaining amount will be refunded.
  • Registration with PayPal is required for refund. In addition, we will make payment to the e-mail address which is basically registered on this site.
  • Count the purchase date as the first day.

In case of point system

Date of offer Basic formula for return amount
Within 30 days from purchase Unused point × Point price at the time of purchase × 100%
31 days after purchase Unused point × Point price at the time of purchase × 50%
  • If a gift point is attached at the time of purchase, it is assumed that payable will be preferentially consumed from the gift point. (Example: If you have a 20 point gift point when purchasing 60 points, refunding will be 50 points if you use 10 points and refund within 30 days)
  • In the above table "point unit price at the time of purchase", calculate with the number of points that got points of the present. (Example: If you have a 20 point gift point when you purchase 60 points, the unit price will be the purchase amount ÷ 60. If the purchase price is 15,000 yen, the unit price will be 250 yen.)
  • Points used for reservation are not subject to refunds, so if you wish to refund the points you are using for booking, please apply after reservation cancellation.

The following points are not eligible for a refund.

  • Point of expiration date
  • Points that were compensated for when the lesson could not be done (free treatment)
  • Points of present (free treatment)
  • Trial point (bonus points automatically added at the time of enrollment and trial products purchased)
For the monthly plan

Monthly plan whose term has not begun yet We will issue a refund with the prescribed fee.

However, the following period is not eligible for refund.

  • Period during which supplementation was done when the lesson could not be done (free treatment)
  • Period of gifts (free treatment)
  • Trial period

Point usage date

If points are unused and the deadline is reached, that unused point will be unusable. We do not refund expired points.

How to stop Monthly Plan

You can stop automatic periodic remittance from the members page.
You can take lessons for the period of already paid.

On guarantee for attending Monthly Plan

There is no guarantee when there is no school holiday, reservation failed or reservation failed.

About reservation on the day

Only some classes (teacher, time zone) will be accepted on the day.

Change of registration information

If there is a change in the registration information, do not change the registered information without delay.

About using server information

Information entered by the service user on the server is confirmed and saved for service operation.


  • Members themselves should do so on their membership page. Or you can do by contacting the secretariat.
  • Please do refund processing before leaving or withdrawal. Refunds after withdrawal can not be accepted.
  • If the member falls under any of the following items, the school can withdraw from suspension, suspend use, or withdraw membership qualification without notifying or notifying the member in advance in advance. In that case, if there is a offer by the member, we will refund as a refund request on the withdrawal date only within 30 days of withdrawal.
  1. When making a false declaration at the time of application for membership registration
  2. When tampering with the entered information
  3. Incorrect use of password
  4. In case of interfering with the administration of our school
  5. In case of violating any of these Terms
  6. In cases where the honor of our school has been severely impaired
  7. In the case of conducting slander injunction against a third party
  8. When infringing a third party's intellectual property right
  9. Acts contrary to public order and morals
  10. Acts that lead to criminal behavior or acts that might be likely to occur
  11. Acts that violate laws, ordinances or other laws and regulations
  12. In addition, when we judge this school as inappropriate as a member

In case the member suffers damage due to any of the items in each item of the preceding paragraph, this school shall be able to claim compensation for damages incurred, regardless of whether the member is dismissed or temporarily suspended from use I will.

privacy policy

Except for laws and other unavoidable circumstances, this site will not disclose / provide personal information to third parties without notice by the user.(Click here for details

Change of terms of service

This site can change the terms of service without obtaining the consent of the user.

Limitation of liability

The user of the service agrees that this site and the site are not liable for damages for any damage caused by the following matters and related to the damage.

  1. Using this service
  2. I was unable to use this service
  3. Line quality and class quality and other quality while using this service
  4. The effect of this service
  5. Matters concerning other services

Governing law and exclusive jurisdiction court

Applicable law of this agreement is Japanese law. Regarding disputes arising between the service user and the site in connection with this service or the terms of use, the district court having jurisdiction over the location of the school will be the court of first instance exclusive jurisdiction.

This agreement will be implemented from January 19, 2009.
This agreement will be revised from March 14, 2009. (Added "About using server information" item)
This agreement will be revised from May 31, 2009. (Added "Prohibited act" item)
This agreement will be revised from June 12, 2009. (Changes in "Reimbursement of fee" Change of "Point use time limit" Delete item "Prohibited items" "Functions provided on this site" Item deletion (trivial, confusing)). Changes in "Governing law and exclusive jurisdiction court".
This agreement will be revised from April 24, 2010. (Corresponds to flat rate system)
This agreement will be revised from August 9, 2010. (Regarding unsubscription procedure)
This agreement will be revised from December 1, 2010. (Regarding the withdrawal procedure, change the applicable law from Philippine law to Japanese law)
본 약관은 2015 년 3 월 3 일부터 개정 시행합니다. (지원 방법을 이메일 만 변경)
This agreement will be revised from July 17, 2017. (Change on refund on monthly plan)

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